Air Lock Doors

Doors for Air Domes

Doors must allow for pedestrian traffic while maintaining the air seal and pressurization of the dome.  Specialized air lock doors are used on our domes to enable this.

3-Leaf Revolving Air Lock

Revolving air lock doors are typically the primary egress for pedestrian traffic into and out of the dome. These are specialized to be able to handle the pressure differential between the exterior and the interior of the dome. The doors are made from high-grade, anti-corrosive aluminum. 


ADA-Compliant Personnel Air Lock

Personnel air lock (PAL) doors allow for wheelchairs and other small items that are unable to pass through the revolving door to pass into the dome, while maintaining the air seal of the dome. Most often these doors are included in a tandem combination unit with the revolving door, since IBC (2018) 1010.1.4.1 requires every revolving door to have a swinging door within 10 feet of it on the same wall. 

 Revolving Air Lock Door and Personnel Air Lock Door Combination

air dome revolving door and handicap air lock

Emergency Exit Doors for Domes

Emergency exit doors come with lighted signage and emergency lights. They can be single exit doors, double exit doors, or we can create customized banks of exit doors with four or more exit doors next to each other.

These doors are constructed of high-strength aluminum with window panels. Emergency exit doors are only to be used in an emergency situation, as they do not maintain the air seal in the dome and fire codes forbid their use except for emergencies. The amount of exit doors you need is primarily a function of your occupancy. IBC (2018) 1005.3.2 states, "The capacity, in inches, of means of egress components other than stairways shall be calculated by multiplying the occupant load served by such component by a means of egress capacity factor of 0.2 inch (5.1 mm) per occupant." Thus, your occupancy is multiplied by 0.2 inches, and this number helps the architect determine how many exit doors are required by code (our exit doors have a clear width opening of 43"). Note that your local AHJ may require a different amount, as they have the final say on matters related to fire codes and life safety codes. This is why pre-approving the dome layout--including number and location of exit doors--with your local fire marshal is an important step early on in the dome engineering process.

air dome emergency exit door

Vehicle/Cargo Air Lock Doors

Large air lock doors allow you to move cargo and/or vehicles into and out of the dome. This accommodates fork lifts or other vehicles. These air lock doors consist of two rolling garage doors on either end of a tunnel. The doors can be anywhere from 8' wide/tall to 40' wide/tall, and the tunnel can be made as long as you need it. 

air dome vehicle air lock

Additional Drawings and Videos of Doors

air dome revolving door
Air dome handicap door
air dome emergency exit door design

Dome Components


Our domes are comprised of various mechanical elements. Click on the following links to learn more about what pieces make up our domes: