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Headquartered in North America, Broadwell's worldwide team includes 200+ employees including 50 engineers and architects licensed in all 50 United States and in 42 countries. Our US and Canada service teams each have up to 40 years of experience installing, servicing, and maintaining air domes.

Broadwell executives with 30+ years of industry experience began the company with the goal of producing a higher quality, lower cost dome. We have analyzed and researched every element of an air supported structure, and we have made it better, stronger, safer, most cost effective, and more efficient. We have almost 400 domes in 12 countries around the world, with that number growing on a weekly basis. We average one dome installation per week in our two manufacturing facilities. 


Manufacturing Park


Broadwell has offices in the United States (Headquarters), Canada, Russia, China, Turkey, and New Zealand. We are the only air dome company with a perfect safety record, as we use higher quality materials, more advanced designs and engineering, and more technologically advanced engineering and dome operational software than any other company. We own over 100 active patents that cover engineering, safety measures, mechanical and monitoring systems, and dome design.

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