LED Lighting

Our high efficiency LED lights are the most efficient available.  Our engineers will determine the optimal lighting set up for your dome and will produce computer models showing the exact light coverage of the lighting configuration. Lights can either hang from the ceiling of the dome or point upwards from the ground on poles. 

High Efficiency LED Light

Our lights have the one of the highest Lumens-to-Watts ratios in the industry at 153 lumens per watt. Made in the USA, our lights have an industry-leading 10 year warranty, including against impacts from most sports balls.


Indirect Hang Light Configuration

Most domes have hanging LED lights that hang from the dome ceiling from D-rings, which are welded to the fabric in the factory. Our LED lights are only 18 lbs and are easy to maintain, with common Samsung drivers. 


air dome lighting

Pole-Mounted LED Lights

Some clients choose to have LED lights mounted on poles, which are placed on the perimeter of the dome. 

air dome pole mounted lights

Lighting Levels and Layout

Our team will create a photometric layout, which shows the positioning of each light in the dome, and the lighting levels throughout the dome. We can recommend lighting levels, or develop a configuration that achieves required lighting levels. For example, the NCAA requires 75 foot candles for intercollegiate play of tennis. We determine the lighting configuration necessary to achieve these levels.



Dome Components


Our domes are comprised of various mechanical elements. Click on the following links to learn more about what pieces make up our domes: