Safety, Cost, Quality

Safety, Cost, Quality

Broadwell has over 400 operational domes around the world and we are the only major air dome company with no catastrophic failures. This is due to the higher quality materials we use, our patented cable harness system, and our superior design and engineering.

Perfect Safety Record

We have over 100 patents covering safety, design, and engineering. We are the only air dome company to use three pressure sensors inside the dome for a triple fail-safe pressure reading. Our mobile smartphone app allows you to monitor the temperature, pressure, power consumption, air quality and outdoor wind speed of your dome. Our monitoring system will automatically text or call you if any of those dome operational levels go outside of predefined thresholds.


Higher Quality Materials and Engineering


Broadwell uses thicker, stronger fabric both on the interior and exterior of the dome than what other dome companies typically provide. Our team of 50+ designers and engineers is the largest in the industry. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in the largest air dome manufacturing park in the world. Our expert designs and precise engineering allow us to create the very cleanest, smoothest possible fabric seams, connection points, and seals against the foundation and doors. Our superior engineering allows us to produce domes that have fewer creases and unsightly wrinkles in the fabric than any other domes in the world.

Most Cost Effective

Broadwell is able to provide the most cost-effective domes in the industry, from both an up-front and ongoing operational standpoint. Learn more about our efficient technology and innovation that enables low operating costs.

How can we offer the highest quality domes at the most competitive prices?

Less Overhead

Broadwell’s organizational structure minimizes overhead and streamlines our operations. Our operational costs are the lowest in the industry.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing

We have the largest manufacturing facility in the world with the most cost-effective and efficient manufacturing processes.

Lower Margin

The Broadwell mission is to provide the highest quality dome possible at the lowest price. We care about the ongoing success of our clients. We always give our customers the lowest price possible for the highest quality product.