Air Dome Fabric

Air Dome Fabric

Air domes are made of vinyl-coated polyester fabric which can be opaque or translucent, matte or glossy finish, and can be made in nearly any color. Logos or advertisements can be placed on the interior or exterior of the dome, or they can be projected with video projectors on the dome surface (see video project dome picture below). 
Broadwell Fabric

Exterior Fabric

Dome exterior fabric is coated in either a PVDF or Tedlar coating, both of which have 15-20 year warranties, are self-cleaning, provide UV protection, are anti-corrosive and have anti-fungal properties. Fabric can be opaque (blocks light), translucent (allows ~70% of light), or nearly clear (allows ~93% of light). Fabric can be made almost any color. All fabric is lab tested for strength and tear resistance, and all have passed NFPA 701 fire certification.


Interior Fabric

Domes with a second, interior layer of fabric have better insulation properties and are more energy efficient for temperature-controlled environments. Additional insulation panels can be added in-between the fabric layers. Interior fabric is typically white, and sports domes usually opt for the first 10' of fabric to be blue or green for greater contrast with sports balls. 


Superior Energy Efficiency of Broadwell's Fabric Envelopes

Broadwell domes are designed, engineered and fabricated with energy efficiency in mind. Our fabric envelope seams are created to have the highest R-value possible, eliminating the "cold bridge" effect created when exterior and inner fabric are directly welded together. The result of our triple welds are the the dome is much more energy efficient, reducing ongoing heating and/or cooling costs. 

Seam insulation comparison
cold bridge

 Video Projection Onto Interior Dome Surface

       2020 Super Bowl - Miami, FL, USA - Largest Video Project Dome in the World, made by Broadwell 


Video Projection and Events

Video Projection and Events

Dome Components

Pool Dome

Our domes are comprised of various mechanical elements. Click on the following links to learn more about what pieces make up our domes: