Air Dome Fabric

Air Dome Fabric

Air domes are made of vinyl-coated polyester fabric which can be opaque or translucent, matte or glossy finish, and can be made in nearly any color. Custom patterns or designs can be printed or painted on it. Logos or advertisements can be placed on the interior or exterior of the dome, or they can be projected with video projectors on the dome surface. These fabrics have 15-20 year warranties, and they are self-cleaning, provide UV protection, are anti-corrosive and anti-fungal.

Different Kinds of Fabrics


Single-layer fabric domes are typically used for agricultural, manufacturing, industrial, events, or mobile/temporary applications. The fabric can have a high translucency, letting in enough light for agricultural purposes or to eliminate the need for lighting during the day. We can also provide single layer opaque domes that block out all light.

Double-layer fabric domes offer a higher insulation value, and our custom insulation designed specifically for air domes can be put in-between the layers to increase the insulation value. These domes are best for those looking to keep the domes at a constant temperature. For high-insulation applications, Broadwell has a triple-layer dome option.

Air Dome Fabric

Broadwell Fabric

Dome Components


Our domes are comprised of various mechanical elements. Click on the following links to learn more about what pieces make up our domes: