Dome Revenue Streams

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Dome Revenue Streams

Broadwell Air Domes are extremely versatile, with the ability to generate revenue in a wide variety of ways. Due to the low initial and ongoing costs of air domes, they provide an attractive business case for many applications, which can truly maximize your revenue potential.

IBM InterConnect Dome 2016


Advertising banners can be affixed to nearly any part of the exterior of our cable-harnessed air domes, maximizing potential advertising space. Banners can also be hung from the interior of the dome as well, from D-rings that we weld onto the fabric. Some clients will use video projectors to project advertisements on the interior or exterior of the dome. Sponsorship opportunities such as naming rights can also maximize revenue.

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Traditional Athletic Rentals (Sports Domes)

Domes used primarily as athletic facilities are able to charge the rental rates of other local facilities, but with a fraction of the upfront and ongoing costs as traditional athletic buildings. Since the interior of air domes have no support columns, interior space is maximized to accommodate any configuration of playing fields or courts. A market analysis and feasibility study will help you determine the rental revenue potential of a specific type of dome in your area.

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Entertainment Events and Concerts

Some of our domes are specifically designed to be temporary or permanent event venues. But other domes whose primary purpose is not entertainment can be excellent entertainment venues. Video can be projected on the interior surface of the dome to show movies, or images for concerts, parties, or corporate events.

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IBM InterConnect Dome 2016

VR Gaming, Drone Racing

Virtual Reality (VR) is an increasingly popular entertainment market. Our VR partners can create a virtual world inside the dome, creating the ability to have customers play “virtual laser tag” or navigate through a virtual game using VR goggles inside the dome, which has had a virtual world mapped inside of it. We can also equip our domes to accommodate innovative drone racing courses unachievable in any other type of structure, including installing lighted LED gates near the top of the dome for challenging elevation obstacles.

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