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Perfect Safety Record

Stronger fabric and expert engineering produce the safest air domes in world

Cost Effective

Operational costs are a fraction of traditional buildings.

24/7 Worldwide Service and Support

Our North American-based support teams have decades of experience installing and servicing domes

Permanent or Temporary

Our domes can be mobile, seasonal or permanent

Fast Implementation

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Contract signing to shipment in as few as 2 months. Installation in as few as 2 days.

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Broadwell: Global Leader in Air Domes

Broadwell has almost 400 domes in 13 countries. We produce an average of one dome per week.

We are the only air dome company to have a perfect safety record. Our domes are trusted by many governments and large corporations around the world, including Apple, Microsoft and McDonald's.

We have the largest air dome in the world at 570,000 square feet (1,740 feet long, 328 feet wide).

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Our North American-based 24/7 service teams have nearly 40 years of experience installing, servicing, and maintaining air domes.

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Dome Options

  • Athletics: Tennis | Soccer | Football | Lacrosse | Badminton
  • Aquatics: Pools | Water Parks
  • Construction: Temporary Construction Domes
  • Industrial: Warehousing | Mining and Raw Material Storage>
  • Entertainment: Video Projection | Assembly Halls | Conference and Event Centers
  • Agricultural: Agriculture and Greenhouse
  • Other: Disaster Relief | Military Housing

Intro To Air Domes

An inflatable dome, “bubble,” or air supported structure is a building formed from one or more layers of fabric. Air blowers continuously pump air into the structure, creating the necessary air pressure that allows the fabric envelope to stay inflated. Cooling or heating HVAC units can also be used to adjust air temperature. Domes can be engineered to withstand up to 150 mph wind loads and up to 50 psf snow loads.

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About Our Manufacturing Center

Broadwell uses thicker, stronger fabric on both the interior and exterior of the dome than what other dome companies typically provide. Our team of 50+ designers and engineers is the largest in the industry. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in the largest air dome manufacturing park in the world. Our expert designs and precise engineering allow us to create the very cleanest, smoothest possible fabric seams, connection points, and seals against the foundation and doors.

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What Makes Us Different


Most Operationally Efficient Dome in the World

Our air domes are 1/3 the cost of traditional buildings and are less costly to maintain.

Speed of Implementation

Our air domes can be manufactured, transported and installed in a few as 2 months.

200 Team Members

Broadwell started in 2003 with the goal of making a better engineered, higher quality, lower cost dome.

300k sqf Manufacturing Park

We have the largest air dome
manufacturing park in the world, with our second facility opening in late 2017.

Some of Our Dome Applications

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