Intro To Air Domes

Introduction To Air Domes

What Are Air Domes & What Do They Do?

An inflatable dome or “bubble” is an air supported structure formed from one or more layers of fabric that are welded together. The fabric envelope may be reinforced by Broadwell's patented steel cable harness system. Air blowers continuously pump air into the structure, maintaining the proper air pressure to keep the dome inflated and structurally sound. Cooling or heating HVAC units can also be used to adjust air temperature. Air-lock doors maintain pressure while handling pedestrian traffic. 
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Broadwell's 50+ engineers and architects are licensed in all 50 United States and 42 countries. We can sign and seal all of the structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering approvals your city will require from licensed engineers. Our North American-based service team has 40 years of experience installing, servicing and maintaining domes.

Air structures offer great flexibility, and can be used as seasonal, permanent or temporary structures. They are built to meet all local building and safety codes, and they are structurally sound–even in inclement weather.

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Broadwell domes can be made in nearly any shape and size. They can be engineered to withstand up to 150 mph wind loads and 50 psf snow loads. Our domes can cover most surfaces, including athletic surfaces, pools and water parks, recreational areas and playgrounds, industrial equipment or materials, and so on.

Our newly-developed clear domes can even cover grass fields and other vegetation! 


Components of a Dome

Broadwell strictly follows the international codes for air inflated structures set forth by the International Code Council (

Dome Purchase Process

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Funding Your Dome

Funding is a major hurdle for most dome clients. Learn about the funding strategies have been utilized by dome clients.