Mobile Hospital

Mobile Medical Facility Development

With Covid-19 cases continuing to escalate around the world, hospitals in many places are dangerously close to being overwhelmed. To help meet this demand, Broadwell has worked tirelessly on designing a new, negative pressure mobile medical facility, which can be fabricated and deployed quickly.

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Negative Pressure Mobile Tent (Mobile Pop-Up Hospital)

Size: 6m (wide) x 12m (long) x 3m (tall at apex)
Units can be sold and used individually, or attached with hallways into a fully enclosed network. See the example 14 module hospital below!

Made from ClearStrong Antimicrobial Fabric
- Tested resistant to Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus

Negative Pressure, Multi-Stage Filtration AHU
- Triple filter air purification capable of removing viruses (as small as 0.1 microns)
- Built by Haier (acquired GE Appliances)
- Heat and cooling
- Capable of negative or positive pressure

Fast Fabrication: 1 Week from Order to Shipment
Fast Installation: 2 People, 1-2 Hours per Module

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Example Layout of 14-Module Mobile Hospital

Client Requirements:

  • Space - Each module is 6m*9m*3m. A 14 module hospital, for example, would require a space of approximately 70m x 36m (230' x 120') is needed.
  • Electricity – Approximately 10kw are needed for the mechanical unit and lights for each module.

Additional Options:

Each module unit comes with zipper doors, but double-doors can be substituted. Additional modules can be added.

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Ward plan - v2

Additional Images

Photo Jun 09, 11 25 53 AM
Photo Apr 29, 9 48 39 AM
Photo Jan 25, 8 14 59 AM
Photo Apr 15, 5 59 43 AM
Photo Jun 09, 11 28 38 AM
Photo Jun 09, 11 29 09 AM
Photo Apr 19, 6 46 53 PM