Monolithic Dome

Purchase A Monolithic Dome for Homes, Schools, and Churches

Broadwell Air Domes designs the air forms used to build a monolithic dome structure that can be used as a house, school, church, etc.

These domes are created by inflating a fabric air form attached to a concrete foundation. A layer of polyurethane foam is then sprayed onto the interior of the air form while a re-bar frame is installed over the outside of the air form. Several inches of concrete is sprayed over this re-bar frame to create the shell of the dome. We work with several construction partners with experience constructing hundreds of monolithic domes.

The monolithic dome is an extremely energy efficient structure, and when finished, is earthquake, tornado and hurricane resistant (the US Federal Emergency Management Agency rates them as "near-absolute protection" from F5 tornadoes and Category 5 Hurricanes).

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Recently, a number of monolithic domes survived major disasters:

  • Several monolithic domes in Florida survived direct hits by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 (pictured above).
  • Many monolithic domes were in the path of the 2005 and 2006 wildfires in Oklahoma and Texas and survived with only slight charring of the exterior foam insulation.
  • In 2003, a monolithic dome government building in Iraq survived a direct hit by a 5,000 lb (2,300 kg) bomb (pictured to the right). The interior of the structure was totally destroyed, but the dome itself remained standing. (Source)

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