Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation

A Broadwell sports dome can be a permanent or seasonal golf dome, soccer dome, tennis bubble, or a dome covering any other athletic or recreational surface. Our domes can also be attached to permanent buildings, which house welcome centers, restrooms, F&B, etc.

Tennis Domes / Tennis Bubbles

A tennis dome --or a "tennis bubble" as they are known in many locations-- allow tennis facilities to monetize their courts year-round. They can be either permanent or seasonal facilities. Broadwell has installation teams that can set up and take down your tennis bubble every year. 

Broadwell has over 60 tennis bubbles around the world. We retro-fit new air bubbles over existing courts and new projects. Our engineers design the foundation, building attachment points, and account for all unique site considerations and requirements.

A tennis air bubble is the least expensive, lowest cost indoor tennis facility available. A tennis bubble cost depends on size, amount of lights and doors, heating and/or cooling requirements, and soil holding capacity which heavily influences foundation design and cost. We will help you understand every element of a tennis bubble cost estimate, and provide the most efficient dome package for your needs. 

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We provide everything you need: various options of dome envelopes, doors, lights, dividers, advertising attachment points, heating and cooling units, etc.

This replacement dome skin in Minnesota was installed on an existing foundation, & raised up and over a large internal structure between the courts!

Broadwell's ClearStrong fabric allows for light translucency of 90+% while meeting wind and snow loads. Allow maximum natural light in!

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Turf or Grass Fields

Broadwell has produces many air supported structures used as a golf dome, soccer dome, and many other sportsdomes covering turf or artificial grass areas. Sports domes protect players and other participants from extreme heat, which can cause severe burns to the feet, and they increase the useful life of artificial turf.

With the introduction of Broadwell's ClearStrong dome, which allows 90+% of light into the dome, it is now possible to have a dome over grass fields. Now a soccer dome or football dome could be over an existing grass field!

A Broadwell dome prolongs the useful life of your synthetic turf field by protecting it from frost and ice, contaminants, and premature degradation from infill loss.

Turf Winter Protection Brief

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Additional Dome Options

Ultra Wide Domes

Ultra Wide Domes

Building Attachments

Building Attachments

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Broadwell covers a variety of other sports and recreation environments, including ice hockey rinks, basketball courts, bounce houses and playgrounds. We have domes used as a golf dome, allowing for a year-round driving range for clubs in cold-weather locations.