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Turf Heat Protection

Broadwell's air domes protect artificial turf from degradation and from reaching extremely high temperatures.

Research shows that artificial turf can be up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than surrounding air temperatures. A Broadwell Air Dome protects artificial turf from UV degradation, thus prolonging its life, and creates a safe environment for children and athletes to play. From the pictures and data on this page, it is clear just how dangerous artificial turf can be without a covering to protect it from reaching scorching temperatures. See below for pictures of melted cleats, blistered feet, and data on the extreme temperatures of artificial turf.

Broadwell's domes can be used for seasonal or temporary applications, meaning that they can be easily put up during one part of the year and taken down during another part. Many of our clients in cold-weather states put their domes up after football season in late fall, and then take them down in early spring. Clients needing protection during hot summer months but need an uncovered field during other months could do the same thing.

Turf Heat Protection

Protecting Against Turf Degradation

A Broadwell Air Dome protects your artificial turf from UV degradation.