Video Projection and Entertainment

Video Projection and Entertainment

Broadwell has built the largest video projection dome in the world, and specializes in custom engineered domes used for entertainment, concerts, and other highly mobile applications.

The Dome: Miami

In 2019, Broadwell created the largest projection dome in the world: 40,000 sqf (225’x175’). It was installed in Miami (The Dome Miami) during Super Bowl weekend.

Over three days, the dome hosted over 60,000 guests. A fully-immersive video projection set-up was created with a twenty-four 18k lumen HD laser projectors by Lumen & Forge.

The Dome Miami
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The Dome Miami
The Dome Miami
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Reinforced Projection Dome

“In 2020, Broadwell created a reinforced video projection dome, which consists of an exterior dome with a cable harness, and a smaller, interior dome with projection fabric. Both domes are inflated, with the exterior dome inflated to a higher pressure than the interior dome, and a sealed gap in-between the domes to maintain the pressure balance. This allows for a large, smooth-surface interior dome for optimal video projection, while having an exterior dome to meet high wind and snow load requirements.

Both domes were anchored on top of a building built underneath he structure, housing the welcome center, F&B, bathrooms, offices, AV control center, etc.”

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Other Entertainment and Event Applications

Broadwell produces many other unique event, entertainment, and projection domes used for a variety of applications: conferences, celebrations, concerts, art exhibits, performing arts centers, and product launches.

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