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Industrial and Environmental

Industrial and Environmental

Broadwell domes can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications, including housing industrial equipment and supplies, covering a manufacturing facility, or commercial storage. Our domes can be used for temporary applications as well, if clients need temporary storage or indoor construction environments.

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Broadwell has the largest dome in the world—a mining dome spanning the length of 10 football fields in Inner Mongolia. Our domes can be engineered to be as wide as 300’ and  virtually limitless length.

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clean air dome

Our Clean Air, Anti-pollution Domes

These domes are installed in many schools and sports facilities that exist in high air pollution cities. These domes filter out almost 100% of pollutants and bacteria in the air, significantly reducing the PM2.5 fine particle pollution counts in the air.

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Monolithic Domes

Broadwell also produces these domes which are cement domes that can be used for homes, schools, churches and other structures. These domes are extremely energy efficient and strong--able to withstand F5 tornadoes and other disasters.

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