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Events and Mobile

Events and Mobile

Broadwell provides custom domes for mobile applications such as concerts, special occasions, and marketing events. These domes are most often single-layer fabric envelope domes, often anchored by sand, jersey barriers or earth anchors to provide fast installations.

Be creative! Our domes can accommodate different layouts

Event domes can be any shape or size, but most often they are square, rectangular or circular. The most versatile domes are our half-spherical video projection domes, which have a smooth surface and a custom interior fabric that is optimal for video projection events.

We can provide a turn-key video projection dome event package that includes state-of-the-art video projection and audio, along with custom created visual content to project on your dome. We also provide video projection solutions for existing athletic domes for special events. Below are some pictures of an event in one of our ice rink domes.

Watch Our Domes In Action!

One of the videos below features a full video projection event in our double layer hockey rink dome, which looks similar to most sports domes we produce. The other is of a custom single layer performing arts dome. Single layer domes can be made of translucent (lets light through) fabric, like the dome in the video, or opaque (does not let light through) fabric.

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