Clear Domes

Clear Domes

In 2020, Broadwell's research and development department introduced our patented ClearStrong fabric. This is the only fabric is the world which allows over 90% translucency but still has the structural stability required of an air dome to withstand required wind and snow loads. Now, for the first time ever, an air supported structure can be put over grass fields or be used as natural light green houses!

Clear Tennis Dome

Our clear domes are the latest innovation in the air dome market, developed exclusively by Broadwell Air Domes. One of our first installations of this fabric was over a tennis court. Scroll through the pictures to see just how clear it really is!

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  • Clear Domes

Clear Garden Dome

Domes can now be used over grass and for other agricultural purposes! This dome was set in a space that had trees and a garden!

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