Dome Options

Dome Options

Broadwell Air Domes can be seasonal/temporary or permanent structures. We can build domes as wide as 500'. Our air supported structures can cover nearly any surface, in nearly any climate. They can attach to existing or new buildings. We have the three largest air domes installed anywhere on earth, the largest being 575,000 sqf.

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Pools and Water Park

We implement a unique striped skylight design on our pools, which have non-corrosive components. We also have the largest air dome water park in the world!.

Sports and Recreation

Can be used as permanent athletic facilities or seasonal domes covering artificial turf fields,
tennis or badminton courts, basketball floors, pools, or any other athletic or recreational surface.

Coal Storage and Industrial 

Broadwell has the largest dome in the world—575,000 square foot dome used as a coal storage facility. Other domes include grain storage, logistical warehousing, and manufacturing facilities. Our domes can be  engineered to be as wide as 500’ and virtually limitless length.

Video Projection and Entertainment

Broadwell provides custom video projection domes, and
event domes for mobile applications such as concerts, conferences, weddings, and other events.

Clear Domes

In 2020, Broadwell's research and development department introduced our patented ClearStrong fabric. This is the only fabric is the world which allows over 90% translucency but still has the structural stability required of an air dome to withstand required wind and snow loads. Now, for the first time ever, an air supported structure can be put over grass fields or be used as natural light green houses!