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Dome Options

Dome Options

Broadwell Air Domes can be seasonal/temporary or permanent structures. Our air supported structures can cover nearly any surface, in nearly any climate. They range in size from 3,000 sqf to 575,000 sqf. We have the three largest air domes installed anywhere on earth.

Broadwell Air Domes can be seasonal/temporary or permanent structures

Applications include covering athletic courts and turf fields, pools and water parks, industrial and agricultural uses, as clean air anti-pollution facilities, and many others. Factors such as size and type of the dome, heating and cooling needs, doors needed, and lighting requirements will determine your optimal dome package.

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Athletic and Recreation

Can be used as permanent athletic facilities or seasonal domes covering artificial turf fields, tennis or badminton courts, basketball floors, pools, or any other athletic or recreational surface.

Industrial and Warehousing

Broadwell has the largest dome in the world—a mining dome spanning the length of 10 football fields in Inner Mongolia. Our domes can be  engineered to be as wide as 300’ and virtually limitless length.

Events and Mobile

Broadwell provides custom domes for mobile applications such as concerts, special occasions, and marketing events.

We produce an average of one dome per week.

See some of our nearly 400 worldwide air domes in the video below!